Wyoming COAD’s

A toolbox for prospective Community Organizations Active in Disaster.

The purpose of this COAD Toolbox is to inform, encourage, and guide the many communities who put their routines on hold in the event of a local, statewide, or national disaster. The likelihood of confusion and ambiguity increases with the scale of a disaster. Research has found that communities themselves are the best sources of innovation and ingenuity, and the stronger the communities, the more resourceful their efforts. (James Jay Carafano and Richard Weitz, “Learning from Disaster: The Role of Federalism and the Importance of Grassroots Response”, March 21, 2006)

This toolbox is to serve as a reference and is in no way the only path for creating a COAD. The tools have shown to be effective in establishing other COADs. However, please feel free to use and/or amend as appropriate for your community.